Alex Pall Producing Skills

Alex Pall makes up half of the famous Chainsmokers, and..

Alex Pall Producing Skills

Alex Pall makes up half of the famous Chainsmokers, and has much experience in the music field. Before actually forming the Chainsmokers, Alex Pall was a DJ around The New York City area, which he considered a hobby of his. While being a DJ was fun for Alex Pall, it wasn’t where his heart was. His passion was dance music, and while working with his manager, he was then introduced to the other half of the Chainsmokers, Andrew Taggart.

After meeting each other, the duo started working immediately. The duo both had the same goals in mind, and were both very ambitious to be successful. Alex Pall knew what he wanted, and knew it was going to take a lot of work and many hours to actually be a success. Both with the driven passion to succeed, Alex Pall and Andrew were working every single day from nine in the morning until seven at night. Andrew had a quality for producing skills, and Alex being a DJ for a while, had great marketing and social skills.

Combining these two incredible and ambitious forces together, is what made the Chainsmokers what they are today.

Alex Pall stated that in order to be a success, you have to bring new things to the table, and try new things to be entertaining. All of the Chainsmokers songs are about Alex and Andrew, and that is what makes them so special, each song is personal. Along with working with songwriters, Alex and Andrew are fully involved in all of the lyrics to their songs. Alex Pall stated that working with Halsey on “Closer” was incredible, and she was the number one artist that was on the Chainsmokers list of people to work with.

Thanks to social media, Alex Pall can see who his top fan bases are, and in this case it is both boys and girls, ranging from the ages of sixteen to twenty-five. The Chainsmokers are now becoming international, and are becoming a huge hit worldwide. By bringing new things to the table, and pushing themselves, their fan base is expanding.

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