Dr. Saad Saad Best Insights on Pediatric Medicine and Surgery

Born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait, Dr. Saad Saad..

Dr. Saad Saad Best Insights on Pediatric Medicine and Surgery

Born in Palestine and raised in Kuwait, Dr. Saad Saad is truly a native of the Middle East Region. He earned his medical degree at the Cairo University where he graduated in the top two of his class. After graduating from medical school, Dr. Saad Saad completed his internship in Great Britain before he made his way to the United States forty-five years ago.



During the long length of his medical career, Dr. Saad Saad was able to invent numerous operational procedures that were particularly for pediatric surgery. Two of these procedures have already been patented. As a licensed pediatric surgeon, he gained a lot of experience and developed a wide expanse of knowledge that enabled him to undertake numerous operation procedures on babies, children, and teenagers that are complicated. He likewise joined eight free medical missions to Jerusalem to perform complicated and needed surgeries on poor children.



In a dialogue with Dr. Saad, he said that while in high school he already dreamed of becoming a doctor. And having grown up in a place that had extreme outdoor temperatures like Kuwait, he made up his mind that he does not like to work outside where the heat is unbearable. So, he resolved to become not only a doctor but a surgeon who will be able to work inside a cold operating room.



He remarked that the person who had the best influence in his medical career was Dr. H. Biemann Othersen, the mentor who showed him how to be a good doctor and the person who instilled in him to be hardworking, honest, kind, and to treat all children equally without preferences for color, religion, physical and mental attributes, culture, and financial status.



He said that if he ever were able to advise his younger self, he would urge himself to continuously go after his aspirations and dreams because even the impossible can happen when there is persistence.



Being a good and excellent surgeon all his life, Dr. Saad reveals that he has peculiarities when it comes to performing surgeries and what conduct should be manifested inside his operating room. He goes on to mention that before any procedure he takes his time to study the patient’s records to know what kind of operation is needed, and this is followed by reading a textbook that enumerated the process involved in the required operation.



The behavior Dr. Saad Saad requires in his operating room are: no personal conversation is allowed, loud music is prohibited, a good night’s rest or sleep is needed along with a good breakfast before the operation.



Dr. Saad Saad, I married for forty-two years and had four children where two are surgeons, the other is a lawyer, and the last one is a nurse. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/drsaadsaad12