Empowering the Classroom with ClassDojo

As educators around the country strive to prepare students with..

Empowering the Classroom with ClassDojo

As educators around the country strive to prepare students with a 21st century education, 2 in 3 schools have turned to ClassDojo for assistance. ClassDojo empowers schools by facilitating ground-up change and puts teachers and students in the driver’s seat.

Since its inception in 2011, ClassDojo has continuously improved to provide even more tools to teachers, students, and families. By expanding capability to mobile devices and allowing messaging between teachers and parents, ClassDojo has become a simple and effective communication platform. By adding student sign in and portfolio creation ClassDojo has given students a powerful opportunity to reflect on their own learning and progress. The more recent additions of growth mindset and empathy videos, also help teachers to promote a positive classroom culture through social-emotional learning.

An educator in today’s classroom must possess ninja-like skills in order to seamlessly integrate multiple instructional components together to create a quality learning experience. ClassDojo simplifies the process. With an abundance of classroom tools to choose from, ClassDojo’s user friendliness makes a teacher’s job just a little bit easier. The bright colors and fun graphics appeal to a wide range of students. And its simple and intuitive format makes it accessible for parents and families, bringing them closer to the classroom than ever before.

With so many options in edtech tools and programs on today’s market, ClassDojo stays competitive by keeping current on educational changes. Formative assessment, data teaming, and effective instructional decision making, has resulted in increased teacher collaboration. Teachers who have seen the results of ClassDojo in their own classrooms often share strategies that work with each other. ClassDojo is a part of these conversations. With teacher mentoring and online tutorials to bring new users up to speed, ClassDojo is able to provide real and practical solutions for the school community and support a variety of student learning needs.

Find out more about ClassDOjo: https://www.forbes.com/sites/kathleenchaykowski/2017/05/22/how-classdojo-built-one-of-the-most-popular-classroom-apps-by-listening-to-teachers/#5bc38c071e5e