Fabletics: Changing the Shopping Game with the Reverse Showroom

Fabletics is changing all of that by utilizing the reverse..

Fabletics: Changing the Shopping Game with the Reverse Showroom

Fabletics is changing all of that by utilizing the reverse showroom method. This method is far different from simple online shopping and it offers a luxurious convenience. At Fabletics, the goal is to provide every member with a monthly package they won’t just be a good purchase. Fabletics wants each and every member to be absolutely delighted with every outfit. Of course, if there is anything you aren’t delighted about; Fabletics has a huge focus on customer service. They will exchange any item at no cost and at a rapid face. It is all about creating a new type of reverse showroom shopping experience that will help women check one more thing off their list and have a box of gorgeous athletic wear to look forward to every month.


Fabletics has clothing items specifically designed for all types of fitness activities. Different materials, strength and breathability are all chosen specifically to cater to women doing the fitness activities they enjoy most. Fabletics even has clothing made for different clients. A woman running outdoors in the summer in a humid Southern state will need an entire different kind of breathability than one going to a spin class in an air conditioned classroom. Fabletics gets that and has many different blog post and pointers to help you choose exactly what you are looking for.


Kate Hudson may be an actress, but Fabletics is her business ventures and she treats it as such. She is heavily involved with the management team, as well as parent company TechStyle Group. It is her belief not to associate or be the face of a brand unless you truly believe in what they stand for. Fabletics stands for the highest quality athletic wear at a modest cost. The company also believes in showcasing the latest trends, patterns, and colors to make every woman feel beautiful and confident when they exercise.


Another first for Fabletics was a custom-designed LifeStyle Quiz. The quiz is just a few fun questions to get to know a bit more about how you like to exercise, your taste preferences and sizing information. After you answer these six short questions, you will receive a tailored experience on the Fabletics site. You will be shown items that match the exercise you enjoy and are most likely to correspond with your style. It takes less than a minute. You will receive a totally curated view of clothing for you.

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