Goettl Acquires California Based HVAC Company

Goettl has announced that they are buying Walton Heating and..

Goettl Acquires California Based HVAC Company

Goettl has announced that they are buying Walton Heating and Air Company, which is based in South California. Even though the exact amount of money involved in the deal was not disclosed, the move has been seen as an effort by Goettl to expand their reach to Southern California and also to help Walton Heating get the expansion that they couldn’t achieve on their own. Todd Longbrake, the owner of the acquired company, stated that the company was stagnant for a long time and that this was the move which could help them get moving in a positive direction.

The first time that Goettl showed interest was in early 2015. At the time, however, Longbrake had reservations about the arrangement. He promised to take time and learn everything he needed to understand about Goettl before committing. He took time and learned everything he needed to know about Goettl and only committed after discovering how excellent the company is in the provision of their services. Longbrake has been retained by Goettl in the position of sales manager and field supervisor. He has proudly announced that since the company came under the management of Goettl, they have grown more than tenfold and are hoping for even better days.

On the other hand, Goodrich praised Todd and stated on AZ Central that within the short time he had been at Goettl, he had completely assimilated and was one of the most respected leaders within the company. He says that the fact that Walton has the same family values as the management of Goettl makes him an asset to the group. He confessed that there were some obstacles that the company had to get through when they were trying the acquisition, but the manner in which Todd handled them convinced them that he was the right person for the job.

Goettl currently employs more than 300 people, which according to the thebrotalk.com is an improvement from the 200 employees they had in their Arizona and Vegas based branches. The long term goals of Goettl makes them a nationwide company, and even though they have not reached the level yet, it is easy to see that they will soon be getting there.