Jeremy Goldstein: A Reliable Lawyer For Your Legal Needs

Are you in search for a lawyer that is competent..

Jeremy Goldstein: A Reliable Lawyer For Your Legal Needs

Are you in search for a lawyer that is competent and reliable enough to handle a criminal matter, write your will, child custody issue, assists with a landlord-tenant problem or numerous other legal issues? New Yorkers have a modern, convenient way to find a lawyer in their community who has the experience to handle their issue that requires a lawyer. Lawyer Referral and Information Service that also trusted by the New York State Bar Association has launched an online portal ( for people looking for a lawyer.



Claire P. Gutekunst, President State Bar said that People usually require lawyers in times of stress. LRIS is a lower pressure way to get legal assistance. People can have confidence that they will get the services they deserve. They can also rely on attorneys by LRIS as they are in good legal standing whose credentials have also been reviewed and verified by the New York State Bar Association.



Here is how this online service works. A person goes to the official portal and fills a confidential questionnaire mentioning their legal issue and their physical location. The State Bar staff reviews choose an attorney for his needs. State Bar can forward the request to the partnering country if the customer belongs to them. After the initial consultation, an individual can leave or retain a lawyer. The carefully screened referrals system will help attorneys to serve more clients.



Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at a boutique law firm known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. This firm is an expert for advising compensation committees, CEOs, corporations and management teams in corporate governance and executive compensation matters, particularly if similar issues arise in the context of sensitive situations and transformative corporate events. Jeremy Goldstein was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, and Rosen & Katz before founding his firm.



Jeremy Goldstein has involved in numerous of the largest corporate transactions of the past decade, including Sanofi-Aventis/Genzyme; Duke Energy/Progress Energy; to name few. Mr. Jeremy is also a chairperson of American Bar Association Business Section. Jeremy Goldstein has a J.D. from School of Law at the New York University, an M.S. from Chicago University and a B.A. cum laude from Cornell University.

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