Lime Crime is A Crime Worth Committing

They always say crime doesn't pay, but this is one..

Lime Crime is A Crime Worth Committing

They always say crime doesn’t pay, but this is one crime that pays every time. Suave and sophisticated makeup aficionados will fall for the luxurious line of makeup offered by Lime Crime. Daring and Dramatic makeup artists will be in heaven with the bold colors that fills the Lime Crime palate. Daring eye shadows that shimmer, colors that wow.


For the more adventurous, take the Unicorn line with colors unbelievably bold. When feeling feisty or for special occasions, they have a line of metallic shine lipsticks that will make your lips gleam brighter than a movie star.

The best part about this line of lipstick, they do not stay tacky which would cause lesser lipsticks to peel or wear off through the day as you eat, drink and be merry. You’ll feel the urge to kiss every person you meet to marvel at how it stays on your lips without cracking or fading.


Top YouTube vloggers have been raving about this line of makeup and how it is perfect for those who insist on cruelty free products. This company has stated they do not test on animals. They also love the colors and long wear life of the product. Compared to similar products in their class, Lime Crime’s quality can not be beat for the price.


Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, you can keep an eye for company coupons and discounts. Occasionally they have giveaways for those who have a curious mind about the product, but not quite ready to commit. Social media is also a fantastic way to keep up to date on the latest release of colors plus new products creating a beautiful, cruelty free world.


Do not settle for cheap imitations, there is only one crime you should commit, and that is Lime Crime.  But also be sure to read the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere, which has plenty of news and makeup reviews for their latest colors.  You can also get a feel for what LimeCrime launches next by visiting their Pinterest page.

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  1. Frine Jay
    February 25, 2017 - 4:11 pm

    The Luscious lipsticks are this company’s biggest rave. Absolutely luxurious colors you simply can not find anywhere else. Order the matte lipstick for a deep, dramatic flare. The easiest way for ukessays is to get what people need.

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