Lori Senecal accomplishments in CP & B LLC

Lori Senecal is renowned to be a management genius and..

Lori Senecal accomplishments in CP & B LLC

Lori Senecal is renowned to be a management genius and organizational pillar. CP&B has never lost a customer since her arrival in 2015. She has increased the company`s world presence with numerous wins like American Airlines. She is responsible for creating a globally management structure and communications avenues.

Senecal currently serves as the global CEO of CP + B which she started working as from March 2015. Previously, she used to work for the same role in MDC Partners agency. Her experiences and expertise have transformed the company`s performances. The CP + B co-founder and Chairman Chuck Porter believed Lori Senecal was the perfect person to take the position at CP + B. She landed American Airlines into the agency in 2015. Under her leadership, CP & B snagged the account away from TM Advertising. TM had worked with American Airlines for over twenty-five years.

Having made CP & B stand on a firm foundation Lori and Porter have developed the next generation leadership since Lori is being linked to retire by the end of 2017. The new generation of leadership seems to be devoted with Danielle Aldrich being elevated to be the president of CP & B West, which involves CP + B Los Angeles and CP + B Boulder. Aldrich was linked with landing the American Airlines account.

Each of CP & B offices is led by entrepreneurs who are committed and passionate about building CP + B, in the world`s market. Senecal Lori believes that elevating regional leaders will better share resources across offices in each region to bring top creative talents to the company`s client partners.

Before working with CP & B, she served as the global head of KBS+ a subsidiary of MDC family. She transformed 250 people private agency to a worldwide company employing about 1,000 people with business venture focused on start-up, technology, and content creation. She was also the president of McCann-Erickson in Worldwide`s New York office. Over the channel of her career, Lori has led accounts in the following companies, Coca-Cola, BMW, and Nestle.

Lori Senecal has left a mark in every work she does. She will be profoundly missed and remembered over the years for the legacy she will leave behind at the end of the year.

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