Mike Baur’s Influence on Tech Start-Up Companies

The world of technology is huge. Many of your favorite..

Mike Baur’s Influence on Tech Start-Up Companies

The world of technology is huge. Many of your favorite devices such as computers, televisions, phones, apps, and equipment all have advanced technology running through their veins. This eclectic field is constantly changing on a yearly basis and if you don’t evolve with the times, you’ll get let behind. Business and Technology goes hand to hand especially for start-up companies. Getting your ideas and visions out to the world can truly be frustrating especially if you lack the capital to do so. Investors play a crucial role in this process because they can provide the necessary funding for the project to succeed. Just walking up to a potential investor and pitching your ideas is an illogical way of getting your brand off the ground and that’s where The Swiss Start Up Factory comes into play.


The Swiss Start Up Factory (SSUF) can simply be stated as technology/business school (in-a-sense). The programs are intricate and are structured for start-up business success. The programs here give individuals a firm base to learn tips/techniques, share ideas, and to be tested from a business model make-up. The Swiss Start Up Factory specializes in digital innovations and technologies. Now brilliant minds have a place to go to for guidance in this ever changing world. Started in 2014, this Zurich company strategically aims to support and identify digital entrepreneurs.


Company success comes from great company leadership and The Swiss Start Up Factory is no exception. The company’s CEO is also one of it’s founders. Ever since his teenage years, Mike Baur has always had a passion for banking and finance. He attended the University of Bern and the University of Rochester where he earned a (MBA) and an Executive (MBA) respectively. After college, Baur moved up the ranks and an became an executive board member for one of Switzerland’s most prominent banks. He spent 20 years in the financial industry, but decided to go into entrepreneurial business. At the age of 39, Baur partnered up with two other individuals which birthed The Swiss Start Up Factory. “Technpreneurs” took advantage of the services and hurdled this innovative business to the forefront. These young, ambitious overachievers work in a collaborative environment and many of the ideas and concepts of today will potentially manifest into some of the best technology trends of the future.

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