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  • Tony Petrello: A Leading Donor to Neurology Research

    Tony Petrello is most known for once topping America’s lists of highest-paid bosses, making a large compensation of over $68 million in 2013. The industry Petrello has been working in is oil drilling contracting and technology development since his ascension to the executive boards of Nabors Industries in 1991. Under Petrello’s guidance Nabors Industries has […]

  • Lori Senecal accomplishments in CP & B LLC

    Lori Senecal is renowned to be a management genius and organizational pillar. CP&B has never lost a customer since her arrival in 2015. She has increased the company`s world presence with numerous wins like American Airlines. She is responsible for creating a globally management structure and communications avenues. Senecal currently serves as the global CEO […]

  • Trump’s Friend Indeed Hussein Sajwani

    You only live once (YOLO) but in the same life if the need was there and you wanted to go for the stars then you will be required first to aim the moon. However, here is a close star to seek for Mr. Hussein Ali Habib Sajwani. Meanwhile, we aim first for Sajwani’s moon. The […]

  • Julie Zurkerburg’s Efforts and Efficiency for Achieving Successful Candidates as Executive Recruiter

    Julie Zuckerburg became Executive Recruiter for Deutsche Bank in 2014. Deutsche Bank has become the principal foreign exchange trader worldwide. As the leading global banking and financial company, Deutshe Bank operates an agile environment and Julie is responsible for locating those who have the skills to meet the needs of that environment. After graduating from […]

  • Creative, Colorful and Completely Doe Deere

    Doe Deere is the founder and the creator of Lime Crime. Doe launched Lime Crime in mid October of 2008. In 2009 lime crime launched their unicorn lipsticks and in 2012 the velveteen lip line. Doe Deere is a self proclaimed unicorn queen and designed her product line to represent her colorful personality. PETA and […]

  • Betsy DeVos : The Champion of Education Choices

    Betsy DeVos is a multi-talented woman with proven credentials in education, business and philanthropy. It was because of her leadership role in promoting education and her decades-long fight for the cause of education she now holds the portfolio of the secretary of state for education. Given her extensive experience in promoting and managing education, she […]

  • Todd Lubar, President at TDL Global Ventures

    Todd Lubar is a well-known real estate investor who resides in Bethesda, Maryland. Apart from the real estate industry where Todd has more than twenty years of experience, he has worked in various fields such as construction, the entertainment industry, and mortgage banking. Todd Lubar serves as TDL Global Ventures’ President. More details can be […]