The Rising Brazilian Lawyer Bruno Fagali And His Developing Law Firm

Bruno Fagali is a rising Brazilian lawyer who created his..

The Rising Brazilian Lawyer Bruno Fagali And His Developing Law Firm

Bruno Fagali is a rising Brazilian lawyer who created his law firm in 2016. The new lawyer received his higher education from the Pontifical Catholic Universty of Sao Paulo and the University of Sao Paulo. From the former, Bruno Fagali achieved a Bachelor’s degree in aw and then specialized in Administrative Law. From the latter institution, Bruno Fagali graduated with a master’s degree in State Law in 2017.

In 2015, Bruno Fagali started working at the legal firm Nova/ SB where he occupied the position of Corporate Integrity Manager. Before his official career started Bruno Fagali volunteered regularly and did internships at a number of law firms and offices. He had the goal to prepare himself for going into the field of work smoothly and with an established course of action.

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The Fagali Advocacy was founded in 2016 in Bela Vista in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The company has been growing steadily s one of Brazil’s rising legal offices. The Fagali Advocacy aims to combine expertise in its line of work with dedication to their clients and grow in that way. The Fagali Advocacy provides services in the fields of public law, compliance, advertising law, electoral law, parliamentary law and anti-corruption law.

Over the course of his career, Bruno Fagali has also written a number of articles published in popular Brazilian publications. His Fagali Advocacy also publishes about the latest developments in Law and informs about important regulations in Brazil and abroad. One of the latest news that the Fagali Advocacy discussed was the rule France enforced that publications are obliged to state whether the bodies of the models have been touched up with any program.

Honesty in advertising is a widely discussed topic, and the general public has been demanding a change for years. Models and celebrities have also spoken out about the need for such regulations. Brazil added a law of more transparent advertising as well last year. That is a welcomed change as Brazil is a global leader in the industry of marketing and advertising.

Bruno Fagali and his Fagali Advocacy continue to discuss such developments and answering the questions of the public.

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