Trump’s Friend Indeed Hussein Sajwani

You only live once (YOLO) but in the same life..

Trump’s Friend Indeed Hussein Sajwani

You only live once (YOLO) but in the same life if the need was there and you wanted to go for the stars then you will be required first to aim the moon. However, here is a close star to seek for Mr. Hussein Ali Habib Sajwani. Meanwhile, we aim first for Sajwani’s moon. The 57-year-old is the current chairman and CEO of the DAMAC Properties based in UAE.


In his career life, Mr. Sajwani worked for the American’s all over the world having served in Somalia and the Gulf. In the year 1980s, he started his career in the food business sector where he supplied catering services to the energy sector in Abu Dhabi. Still, in this field, Sajwani worked with big American companies like the Bechtel, later in 1991 he supplied food services to the USA army operation desert storm during the first Iraq war.


However, despite winning contacts with the USA, food business provided small margins for him which struck his mind making Sajwani rethink of what the future would be.


Following Dubai’s government decree of a six-year real estate boom in 2002, it gave Hussein a platform of what the future would be. With his family owning assets in Dubai, the property was his future; it marked the Founding of DAMAC a company that specializes in engineering, construction and real estate architecture with its headquarters in Dubai.


Having initially close relation with the American’s Hussain Sajwani family are close family friends to Trump. Before Trump become President, DAMAC owner has once teamed with him developing two Golf courses in Dubai; MADAC takes part in philanthropy work, having handed a 2 million cheque to UEA in support of deprived children around the world during Ramadhan. The donation was intended to provide clothing and warmth to over 50,000 children. DAMAC’s contribution is after helping Dubai’s government improves living standards around the world.